Korosten MDF manufacture

Panels made of MDF are easily converted into parts for furniture production, laminate flooring, interior decoration items, door panels, billboards, sign-boards, exhibition design, packaging stands, racks, shelves, counters, hinged constructions and show-windows.



About the Plant

The quality of the finished product depends mainly on the technical and technological capability of the production. Therefore, "Korosten MDF Manufacture" is focused on technologies from the leading companies in the equipment market of woodworking industry.

We installed production lines, designed by German companies: "Siempelkamp" - generally acknowledged leader in production of wood boards equipment; lamination line - "Wemhoener" and flooring line  - "Homag". Additional equipment was also produced by "Siempelkamp", with the help of such companies as "Metso", "Buettner", etc.

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