Korosten MDF manufacture


Technological lines, installed by German company Siempelkamp, laminating line from Wemhoener and laminate flooring line from Homag are installed at Korosten MDF Plant. Auxiliary equipment is also produced by Siempelkamp,as well  as Metso, Buettner and others.

Presses and equipment from Siempelkamp are used worldwide in the wood industry. The introduction of the most advanced industrial automation solutions and technologies provides high availability and reliability of their equipment. Along with the quality of equipment, continuity of innovation is vedy important for Siempelkamp. Department of Research and Development of Siempelkamp regularly develops new technology and installation techniques, that are applied to Korosten MDF Plant and improve the competitiveness of the products .

ContiRoll® press was developed 20 years ago. It is a continuous press for forming and press lines. It meets all the international standards on the use of continuous presses for processing wood material . Since the launch of ContiRoll ® presses in production, Siempelkamp has already delivered more than 200 presses around the world. Absolute distinguishing feature of the press is infinitely adjustable front section - there is no press on the market with this technical feature.

Press ContiRoll® is designed for processing of flat wood material. its technology meets:

 - efficiency – up to 200 mm/s with maximum readiness and power reserve;

 - accuracy – 0,1 мм of thickness tolerance

 - reliability – special protection of steel belt on the forming line.

Technological progress contributes to the improvement of our production. Therefore, we constantly monitor the quality and immediately take all necessary measures to ensure, that our product has high demand on the market.

For example, density analyzer STENOGRAPH from GreCon gives the opportunity to observe the density profile (actually the whole internal structure of the board) in on-line mode, giving time to make the necessary adjustments and avoid  poor-quality production.

Our products meet the most stringent European standards (EN) and German standards (DIN). For more information see our specifications.

Also, a number of technological secrets enables our products to be competitive in terms of quality, environmental impact and price.


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