Korosten MDF manufacture

Korosten is a district center, located on the bank of the river Uzh,  87 km to the north from the regional center Zhitomir, 150 km far from Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and 60 km far from the border with Belarus. The area of Korosten is 3385,1 ha and it is the second largest town in Zhitomir Region after Zhitomir itself. 
Modern Korosten is a large rail junction of the South-West railroad net of Ukraine, industrial town of Regional subordination with the population of 66,000 and developed economic and social infrastructure.     
Geographical Zone of Ukraine – on the border between Polesye and Lesostep (forest-steppe)
There are some important highways passing through Korosten namely Kiev-Kovel’, Minsk-Izmail    
Key Railways – Korosten-Shepetovka, Korosten-Kovel’, Korosten-Kiev, Korosten-Zhitomir, Korosten-Mozyr’.
There are 200 enterprises in the town of Korosten, of which 18 are big companies and 7 fabricate products for export. 
Korosten is a very interesting, beautiful town with the history of 1300 years.


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