Korosten MDF manufacture

MDF production stages:

1 Stage – Chipping of round wood logs

Chipping of round wood logs 80-300 mm in diameter, 1.5 - 4.0 m long, into chips 25х15х10 mm. At this stage the wood is transported from the wood yard to the feed chute of the debarking drum by hydraulic crane. The wood goes to the debarking drum, where the bark is separated from the logs. From the drum wood logs are transported first by belt conveyor, then by roller conveyor to the wood chipper. Bark is separated from the logs on the roller conveyor. Then it is fed to the energy plant for combustion. Chips are transported to chip silos (2 silos, capacity of 1 silo - 4300 m3).

2 Stage - Fiber production

Chips are transported on the roller conveyor from the silos through magnetic separator into the sifter, where they are devided in three fractions: large fraction (bigger than 25x25x10 mm) goes into production; conditioned fraction is also used for production; fine fraction (smaller than 25x25x10 mm) is burnt. Next, chips are washed and steamed. After removal of excess moisture chips are fed to refiner for fiber production.

3 Stage - Fiber drying

Fibers with glue are dried in the drier to 10% of moisture content. The drier is heated by flue gases of the energy plant. Then fibers are transported through pneumatic separator to the forming bunker.

4 Stage - Mat forming and pressing

From the bunker fibers are fed on to the mat former. The mat is formed depending on the finished board thickness. The mat goes through pre-press (cold compression), then into hot press, temperature - 280°C. After the press, continuous board is cut to size 2790x5600 mm. Then boards are cooled and stacked. Stack height is 4 m. 

5 Stage - Stack storing

Three days are required for the final glue curing of MDF board.

6 Stage - Sanding of finished boards

After press boards have rough surface and are not ready for lamination. To avoid this they are sanded, cut to size (1830x2790 mm, 1830x2440 mm, 2135x2790 mm, 2135x2440 mm) and stacked. Stack height is 800 mm.

7 Stage - Packing

Finished board stacks are strapped with packing tape for transportation.


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